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Green bean sprouts can be eaten early in pregnancy

Le 14 December 2017, 10:48 dans Humeurs 0


Green bean sprouts can be eaten early in pregnancy

Someone questioned, because now a lot of criminals, with chemical agent, such of bean sprouts was long and big, nice and not healthy, so, bean sprout when the choose and buy, be sure to choose natural growth.

Pregnant women can decompose the gas in the body by eating more bean sprouts, which is beneficial to the absorption of other nutrients and helps the development and growth of the fetus. In fact, during pregnancy, in addition to bean sprouts, pregnant women can choose some nutrients to supplement their nutrition.

The precautions of eating mung bean sprouts

Green bean sprout is cold, should deserve to go up with a bit of shredded ginger in cooking, classics and its cold sex, very suitable summer eats green bean sprout. When cooking, cooking shoulds not be too much, try and keep the light of crisp taste and characteristics of the sprouts begin to stir rapidly, after appropriate add some vinegar, can save water and vitamin C, taste is good. Green bean sprout fiber is thicker, not easy to digest, and the nature is partial cold, so the person of the spleen and stomach is not suitable for long food.

1. Most of the bean sprouts sold on the market are made from hormones and fertilizer, and the root bean sprouts are one of the vegetables that the national food and health administration expressly prohibits selling and eating.

2. Normal green bean sprouts are slightly yellow, not too thick, with moderate moisture and no odor; Abnormal color hair white, bean grain hair blue, sprout stem stout, water more, have the smell of fertilizer. When buying mung bean sprouts, choose 5 to 6 cm long.

Living Habits That May Shorten your Life

Le 11 May 2017, 05:30 dans Humeurs 0

1. Living Alone

Humans need interaction; we need love in our lives. If we want to find that love, though, we have to be able to get out here and find it. Those who take the easy “stress-free” option of living alone are actually limiting the happiness and enjoyment that we can get from the world. Never sharing love and intimacy with another person is a sure-fire way to reduce your lifespan by a considerable margin.


2. Sitting Too Often

Do you work at a PC? Then you need to consider the importance of standing up and getting a bit more rest. It’s estimated by the JAMA Internal Medicine study hat sitting for more than 11h per day increases the risk of death by up to 40% over the next three years alone! This is something that you need to consider moving forward, so if you need to get a stand-up desk you should!


3. Lack of Social Life

Neglecting our friends and loved ones for solitary time isn’t always a bad thing; we all need our own personal space. However, taking the time that is needed to have a social life can improve our lifespan! Likewise, failing to do so increase our chances of passing on early. Prolonged loneliness can have the same negative health effects of having 15 cigarettes a day!


4. TV loving

Many of us love to spend our time sitting in front of the TV and just zoning out, vegging there for hours to come. This can bring on things like diabetes and even heart disease. According to the NY times, every single hour of TV you watch after being 25 reduces your lifespan by around 21 minutes. That’s quite the state, but it’s something you really need to consider moving forward with your life if you want to live healthily.


5. Taking Extended time off

You might think that quitting your job or going for a gap year could be a good thing but it’s actually quite unhealthy for the body. Your mind will get rested, sure, but you will find that premature death is far more common if you are taking that time off due to the serious inactivity that your body will be going through when moving forward.


6. Helping Annoying People

Being the kind member of the workforce who helps out that annoying colleague might seem like a great idea, but how do you come to terms with the stress that they cause you? Putting yourself through the mill just to be nice might seem like a sacrifice that’s worth it for karma points, but it really isn’t if it’s driving you up the wall!  This can put you into stressful situations you really had no reason to be involved in.

Healthy and Delicious Types of Bread for Weight Loss

Le 28 April 2017, 06:10 dans Humeurs 0

1. Flaxseed bread

Have you ever tried flaxseed bread? It’s a fantastic bread for weight loss and it’s an excellent source of manganese, potassium and selenium. Flaxseed bread also contains essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, and phytoestrogens that will help boost your health and get your dream body. Flaxseed bread will fuel your body with only healthy things.


2. Rye bread

Rye bread is definitely one of the healthiest types of bread that you can eat daily without worrying about calories. Rye bread is absolutely wheat-free, and it can help relieve discomfort and bloating. Rye bread contains 20% fewer calories and 4 times the fiber than regular white bread. Consuming rye bread will keep you fuller longer without adding calories.


3. Oat bread

If you want to reduce you carbohydrate intake and you watch your fat content, opt for oat bread instead of regular white bread. Oat bread is a wonderful source of good carbohydrates that are much slower to digest and that make you feel fuller for a longer period of time.


4. Ezekiel bread

Another healthy type of bread for weight loss is Ezekiel bread, which consists of barley, wheat, lentils, beans, spelt and millet. Ezekiel bread is high in protein and contains 18 amino acids. It has increased digestibility, increased absorption of minerals and many amazing benefits. Moreover, Ezekiel bread doesn’t contain added sugar.


5. Whole-wheat pita bread

Whole-wheat pita bread is the healthiest type of pita bread since it’s made with whole grains and contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Whole-wheat pita bread boasts a few powerful health benefits – it helps reduce your risk of cholesterol and high blood sugar. Whole-wheat pita bread contains less calories than whole wheat bread since you usually use one piece of pita bread instead of 2 pieces of regular bread to make your healthy sandwich.


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