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Le 23 mars 2017, 04:32 dans Humeurs 0

Slowly, owing to its size and clumsy, though eminently safe, construction, the life raft containing the sailor approached the bit of wreckage that supported Bob Baker and Professor Snodgrass.


“Are you all right?” the sailor called to them, and his voice seemed happy and jolly in spite of his situation.


“As right as can be,” responded Bob. “We’ll be better when we get on board with you, though. That is, if there’s room.”


“Sure, there’s plenty of room!” the old salt asserted. “And there’s stuff to eat and drink here, though I haven’t time to get at it. Steady now, and I’ll have you on board in another minute or two.”


He navigated his queer craft until he had brought it alongside the mass of wreckage, and in a few minutes more, Bob and the professor were safely on board. The change was a most welcome one, since the life raft rode high in the water,[157] and they could sit out of reach of the waves, at least while the sea was calm. In a storm it would be another matter, but they did not think of this just then.


“Now we’ll paddle away from that bit of jagged timber,” said the sailor. “It won’t do to get rammed with that, or we may get a hole stove in one of our air tanks. That’d be bad!”


He was about to fend off the rude craft that had saved the lives of Bob and Professor Snodgrass when the latter uttered a cry.


“Wait a minute!” he begged. “My clothes! I’ve got a pencil in one pocket, and some paper. After I dry it out I can make notes on this new kind of crab I’ve found in this seaweed. I want to get my clothes.”


“It wouldn’t be a bad idea,” decided Bob. “I’ll get mine, too. May have a chance to use ’em later on.”


It did not take long to haul aboard the raft the bundles of wet clothing from the cracks in the mass of wreckage, and then Bob, taking an oar, helped the sailor shove off.

True Friends Are Not Dream-Slashers

Le 7 mars 2017, 04:45 dans Humeurs 0

A friendship poem:


Choose friends wisely, the portrait they paint


Is who you are and who you ain't.


Friendship is life's dermes vs medilase great support


When friends are of the right sort.


For all your dreams do they make room,


Or bring you down with doom and gloom?


You will know a friendship is dermes vs medilase true


When it brings out the best in you..


It's true. You can tell a person by the company she keeps. Our friendships not only tell a lot about who we are -- they make us who we are.


The friendship poem above says it all. You will know a friendship is true when it brings out the best in you.


Take a look at your friendships. Do they bring out the best in you? That might seem like a silly question. We all tend to think, "Of dermes course they bring out the best in me. I wouldn't be friends with them otherwise."


But stop and think why you are friends. Here are a few common reasons why people become friends:


Common background, sharing a comfort level in company from "the same side of the tracks".

Common current situation, being able to discuss parenting, home renovations, or some other major life circumstance.


Le 17 février 2017, 04:55 dans Humeurs 0

Rows and rows of white-washed cottages constituted the "quarters," with narrow streets between them, many of the little homes adorned apply ielts with bright-hued, old-fashioned flowers in the front yards, or with potato and melon patches.


On cold winter evenings bright artas system firelight shone from every door and window. Inside, the father sitting in the chimney corner, smoking his pipe while he deftly wove white-oak splints into cotton baskets; the mother, mending, or knitting, while the fat little darkies tumbled about on the floor, or top up degree danced to the music of Uncle Tom's fiddle.

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